Best Poster - I


Shreya is a student of first year BSc (Cognitive Science) with major in Physics at DEI. Her entire education is from schools (Prem Vidyalaya & Primary) affiliated with Dayalbagh Educational Institute. She has been a part of Cognitive Science Research Lab, DEI since September 2021. Her interests are Quantum Computing and Cognitive Sciences. She regularly participates in Online International Forums (such as QJAM21) where she interacts with experienced researchers in the field of Quantum computing to upgrade her skills in the area.

Shreya Satsangi
Student, DEI, IN

Best Poster - II


Mudit Gautam is currently pursuing Bachelor’s in Science with Cognitive Science and Zoology as majors. She has been a part of Cognitive Science Research Lab, DEI since October 2021. Being curious and motivated to study different aspects of the research field, She joined this study on Meditation and participated in DSC 2022 (Winter Session) with a poster based on her preliminary results. She is even more excited to work in this field after her win at the very first attempt.

Mudit Gautam
Student, DEI, IN

Best Poster - III


An avid reader, Chhabi Bhandari’s areas of interest are Literature, Political Science,
Psychology, and Sanskrit. Her passions include playing keyboard, guitar, and singing. She has actively participated in numerous Model
United Nations (MUNs) and won the awards of Best Journalist and Verbal Mentions. She has won accolades for various Oratory Competitions including Shloka Gyan. She has recently presented a paper at the ‘Tripartite International Conference’ organized by School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Sharda University. The title of her research paper was ‘Psychology and Adolescent Literature: Viewing David Eastman’s Character through the Lens of Transdisciplinarity’ , which has been accepted for publication with MacMillan India.